Birmingham 2022 Festival presents

Our Garden – Sacred Spaces of Balsall Heath

Our Garden – Sacred Spaces of Balsall Heath is an invitation to enjoy nature with others and feel more deeply connected to it.  We are working with artists to make a map and videos showing the trees, bees, blue and green spaces, right where we are in Balsall Heath, Birmingham.

Living in the inner city, we sometimes don’t feel part of nature. When we don’t feel part of nature, it’s hard to feel motivated to take care of it. Our Garden – Sacred Spaces of Balsall Heath helps us to see Balsall Heath in a new way: as a garden that we all tend together.

Our project is a Creative City Project generously funded by Birmingham City Council programmed by the Birmingham 2022 Festival.

We are people of faith. We are Christians from the United Church of St Paul’s on Mary Street and Muslims from the Hazrat Sultan Bahu Trust on Ombersley Road and the Al-Abbas Islamic Centre on Clifton Road. We work together, sharing how our faith traditions inform our responsibility to the earth.

Anyone who lives or works in Balsall Heath – or simply visits it – is welcome to get involved. The project runs from January to July 2022.